Strength Training Equipment

Buy Best Strength Training Equipment for Home

We engineer our strength equipment to be sturdy, flexible, multipurpose and easily storable. Solving multiple home gym problems at a time and giving you access to strength gym equipment that looks good and feels great. Buy the best quality weight lifting equipment from India’s most Premium home gym equipment brand, The Cube Club. 

Choose The Best Strength Training Equipment for Home Gym

We have some of the best strength equipment for you, ranging from Adjustable DumbbellsAdjustable KettlebellsAdjustable BarbellsAdjustable and Foldable Gym BenchAdjustable Stepper Bench, No Screw installation Pullup BarBodyweight Suspension Trainer and so much more, curated specially to be your gym equipment for home workouts.

Why buy Strength Training Equipment from Cube Club?

The Cube Club has become a pioneer in home strength training equipment. We have introduced some market shaking strength training equipment like the Adjustable Dumbbells and the Stepper Bench which solves a lot of problems that were faced earlier while creating a home gym. We aim to keep doing so, while maintaining the top notch quality of these strength products. 

Things to consider before you buy Strength Training Equipment

You should be aware of the kind of strength workout you want to do, whether it will require Dumbbells or Kettlebells or a pullup bar or strength training machines. If your workout is based on Dumbbells, you should go for Adjustable Dumbbells, if you have a need for all these things together, you should go for a Strength Kit.

Mobility Fitness Equipment

Buy Best Mobility Fitness Equipment for Home

We have created our mobility fitness equipment ergonomically, solving problems you didn’t even realise existed. We believe the quality of fitness equipment is utterly important for performance and safety and we maintain our quality standards appropriately.

Choose The Best Mobility Fitness Equipment for Home Gym

You can choose from a wide range of Mobility exercise equipment like the TPE Yoga MatPU + Rubber Yoga MatYoga BlocksYoga BeltAb wheel rollersVelocity Skipping RopePlyo Box to fit your fitness needs.  

Why buy Mobility Exercise Equipment from Cube Club?

The Cube Club has become a pioneer in mobility gym equipment for home workouts. We have always believed in quality and we display our beliefs through our range of high quality mobility equipment like the TPE Yoga Mat, PU+Rubber Yoga Mat, Velocity Jump Rope and Ab wheel rollers. We have identified the problems in these products and made them more convenient than ever.

Things to consider before you buy Mobility Exercise Equipment

You should be aware of the kind of mobility workout you want to do, whether it will require a TPE Mat or Rubber Mat or a Skipping Rope. If your workout requires a set of all these, you could look into a Mobility Kit.

Home Gym Accessories

Buy Best Gym Accessories for Home Workout

We have developed the Best Gym Accessories in India through heavy research and development. The Cube Club believes in quality and we portray that through our products. Our accessories are designed stylishly so that you look good while working out. 

Choose The Best Home Gym Accessories for Men and Women

We have a wide range of gym accessories for men and women ranging from Wrist and Ankle WeightsHip Resistance BandsFoam RollerFoot Rocker and Gliding Discs. You can buy all your home gym equipment online and it will be delivered to your doorstep super fast.

Why buy Home Workout Accessories from Cube Club?

The Cube Club has taken over the market with our stylish Cube Cuffs and highly efficient foam roller. We aim to deliver the ultimate quality of gym accessories online to your doorstep with great after sales service and hassle free returns when needed. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy Home Gym Accessories

You should be aware of what the accessories help in and whether you want to utilize them in your daily workouts. The Cube Cuffs add extra resistance to any kind of workout by adding some weight on your wrists or ankles, while the foam roller is used to fix knots in your muscle groups caused by muscle activity. The same way the hip resistance band adds resistance and stability to your leg workouts while the gliding discs help with your core workouts. 

Cube Kits

Buy Best Home Gym Kits

We have curated home gym sets to fit all types of fitness regimes that you may be interested in. The Cube Club offers compact and classy gym equipment sets to help you stay fit while keeping your home aesthetically pleasing. 

Choose The best home gym sets for men and women

You can get gym sets according to your workout preferences ranging from strength home workout kitsmobility fitness equipment kit or gym accessories kit. Our products come in different weight ranges and colours to suit your preferences.

Why to buy Gym Equipment Set from Cube Club?

It seems difficult to set up a home gym because it requires a lot of equipment, space and money. We at The Cube Club have solved this problem by creating state of the art Home Gym Sets that blend in with your furniture and provide the functionality of a full gym. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy Home Gym Kits

You should consider what kind of workouts you want to do and what kind of equipment will fulfill your needs. Take into consideration your budget and find the best multipurpose equipment that will help you set up your workout regimes so they are not boring and keep you going for a long time. A full gym set for home can be made with the help of us.

home gym gear

Buy Best Home Gym Gear

Check out the Best Home Gym Equipment by the Cube Club, the best gym equipment brand in India. We have curated a variety of home fitness equipment across Strength TrainingMobility Training and home gym accessories.

Choose The Best Home Gym Gear for Men and Women

The Cube Club brings you the most premium home gym equipment for men and women like the adjustable dumbbellsadjustable barbellspull up barwrist and ankle weightsstepper bench and so many more cross functional workout gear for your home gym.

Why buy Home Gym Gear from Cube Club?

The Cube Club promises the top quality home fitness equipment for all our categories. We specialize in creating cross functional workout equipment and easily storable workout equipment for our customers.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Home Gym Gear

You should think about what kind of space you will have to store this gear, what kind of workout would you prefer doing at home, what equipment serves the same purpose and which ones can serve as multipurpose home gym equipment.


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