pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar
pull-up bar

pull-up bar

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Versatile and ingenious, this easy-to-install piece of equipment can do it all in the comfort of your home. Amp up your back, arms and shoulders or try a TRX routine with our Suspension trainer; it’s definitely time to raise the bar.

Load Capacity: 220 lbs

Product fits into door frames of the below range: (Please measure before purchase)
In Cms:
90 cms - 115 cms / 69 cms - 92 cms

In Inches:
35.4" -  45.2" / 27.1" - 36.2"

non-slip base

Infallible non-slip bases on both sides couples with an even pressure-spread triangular structure that doesn’t need any screws means there’s never a slip-up. Or down, for that matter.

adjustable length

Designed to stick sturdily into most homes, standard doorways, garages & offices, the adjustable length and built-in bubble meter guarantees an effortless fit into your frame and into your game.

comfortable hand grip

Slip-resistant and easy-to-clean, squishy foam handles soothe the glorious pain, as your push for every pull.

bubble meter

Added bubble meter in the pullup bar helps ensure that you fix it at the right angle every single time, no room for doubts.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Pranav Singh
Sturdy pull up bar

The bar is made of very solid material. Make sure you watch the video before you install it as paper instructions are not very good. Fast installation and easy dismantling. Great for office travel and home.

Mayur Makwana
Excellent pull up bar

Excellent pull up bar

If you are looking for a home pull up bar, this is IT!

We have been searching for the right home pull up bar and am SO happy this is the one we purchased. It was easy to install and is very strong and sturdy. No issues with it slipping or damaging the door frame. We placed it on a bedroom door and it works perfectly.

Incredibly strong

I have tried different styles of pull-up bars in the past and this one is stronger and less damaging to door frames. I weigh 90kg and this bar didn't budge with me on it. Get this if you need a sturdy bar that you can put up in 30 seconds for pull-ups, chin-ups, and ab work.

Very sturdy and easy to assemble

I bought this for my children and we have been exercising on this pull up bar for 10 days now! It is very easy to install and hasn’t fallen once since we put it on our door frame. Be sure to check that it fits correctly onto the doorframe, everything else after that was easy! Make sure it is locked in place and steady before using it or it might fall. This is a great product for those who want a bar that doesn’t need screwing in. Would highly recommend!