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Plyometric training is a full-body strength and cardio workout designed to work muscles to their full potential in a short amount of time for maximum effect. The benefits of plyometric workouts are huge considering it is a workout that can easily be done at home.

Simply lift the top lid (marked with small triangle cutouts) off the base. After this, the entire top layer of the box can also be lifted off the base to reduce the height from X to Y. Once the top layer is removed, you can put back the lid which readies the box to be used for your workout. To increase the height, simply undo the steps above by re-attaching the top layer of the box onto the base.

Place your dumbbells side by side on the bottom-most base of the box (accessed by removing the top layer as described above). Your skipping rope and toning tubes can be placed in the top compartment for easy access (after replacing the top layer onto the base).

Ensure the handle is fully pressed into the dumbbell base, only then will the locking mechanism work. Check to see if any weight plates have been inserted into the base backward. All the weight plates must be placed with the selection tongue facing away from the grip of the handle.

Ensure that both the adjustment knobs are set to 2.5 kgs and the weight plates have the selection tongue facing away from the grip of the handle.

If you have selected different weights on each side of the dumbbell, ensure that you replace the dumbbell in the base with the same orientation in which it was withdrawn. Also, ensure that the plates not selected (those on the base) are in their correct spots. If the plates have moved to different support slots, this may block the dumbbell from fitting back into the base.

Once you navigate to the 'Shop' page of The Cube website, you can choose the desired product from the list and click on 'Buy Now' or 'Add to Bag' from the 'Buy' Tab. You can place the order on the 'Bag' page with the required details and rest assured, the equipment will be delivered to your doorstep as per the stipulated delivery date.

shipping & returns

Delivery time for the products can vary from 5-7 days. You will be able to view these details on the 'Order' Page of your 'Account Dashboard'.

All the deliveries and pick-ups are free.

Your safety is our first priority. All the the products whether refurbished or not, are thoroughly sanitized and carefully packed to avoid any contact. We take extreme precautions at our warehouses to ensure all safety measures are in place.

You may cancel your subscription within the first 7 days of receiving the equipment with no questions asked and we will refund your deposit. All products from The Cube pass through a series of stringent checks before being delivered to you. However, in the unlikely situation of receiving a damaged product, the product can be replaced. In case you want to cancel the subscription, we will refund your deposit.