5 most space efficient Workout Equipment for your home gym

5 most space efficient Workout Equipment for your home gym

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the one place other than movie theatres that has faced the highest downtime, are gyms. The first place to be closed and the last to be opened has been gyms throughout this pandemic and with another probability of a lockdown lingering over us, with high uncertainty, the amount of time and money wasted on gyms during the lockdown have pushed people to find better alternatives. 

Home gyms are the new trend and they are here to stay. Instead of just doing cardio at home, people have started to make a small gym at home with simple home gym equipment. But a question that often arises is “what about space?" It may seem difficult within our homes and apartments with limited space, but if you have the right home gym sets, it’s more than possible. The Cube Club has created premium and space efficient home gym solutions that will bring the gym to your homes, stylishly. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

The first dilemma we have to fight through while looking to build a home gym is how would you accommodate the expenses and space required for so many dumbbells that you need throughout your workout? 

Dumbbells Stand with Dumbbells

Well, not anymore! The Cube Club has solved this problem with the Adjustable PowerBells. 15 different weight options in 1 dumbbell. You can now switch from 5lbs to 52.5lbs with a simple turn of a dial. 

Adjustable Dumbbell Set for Home WorkoutIf you like to lift heavier, check the heavier version with 17 different weight options from 10lbs to 90lbs.  
Premium Adjustable Dumbbell Set

All of this and yet your powerbells will adjust in a small corner in your house without bothering you while you are not working out. Adjustable Dumbbells are the next level of home workouts.

Stepper + Workout Bench 

Workout benches are not something that you usually find at home gyms as they consume quite a lot of space and people decide to sail without them. But again, you can work on your chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs only if you have a pair of dumbbells and a bench at home.  If space is a concern, we might have solved this problem for you with the Cube Deck

Adjustable Stepper Bench for Home Gym

Now this is an evolution in the home fitness space. You can now have a stepper, with two different levels, and a workout bench that goes flat, incline and decline at home, in one piece of equipment. Yes, you read that right, checkout the Cube Deck

The Cube Deck is one of the most space efficient home exercise equipment you can find. You can use it as an adjustable gym bench with incline, decline and flat positions in 3 different angles and 16 configurations and once done, you can just fold it back into a stepper and keep it in a corner. 

Premium Adjustable Stepper Bench

So now, you can do your cardio, mobility and strength training all with the help of one single piece of equipment, the Cube Deck | Stepper bench.

If you are looking for a simpler gym bench for home without stepper conversion, check out the foldable bench. This bench will fold itself into half and can be stored away in a compact space when not in use. 

Adjustable Foldable Bench for Home Gym

Easy Adjustable Barbell

Barbells are the most versatile and important piece of equipment when it comes to strength. From deadlifts to squats to bent-over rows, you can do it all with a barbell. The pain points with the traditional barbell are the plates. Having to put them on and take them off with so much effort every time, only for them to be sliding out of balance again. We don’t do that here!

Adjustable Barbell for Home Gym

The Adjustable powerbar takes the simplicity of barbells up a notch with its adjustable gator clips that easily lets you snap the plates in or slide ‘em off quickly and safely, saving you from all the fumbling with the clamps as you are killing it at the workout floor.

Adjustable  Gator Clips for Home Gym

Guess what? That’s not it, apart from using it as a barbell, you can open up a world of possibilities with the plates and its 3 grip positions; ‘the ends’, ‘the middle’ and ‘both hands’. You can just slide out the plates and use them as dumbbells, kettlebells or even double grip med ball. Yes, as good as 4 workout equipment in one! 

Premium Weight Lifting Bar for Home GymYou can buy the Adjustable PowerBar in either 18kg or 38kg variants and can always choose to add additional PowerPlates to your collection, when needed.

Multifunctional Weight Plates for Home Gym

Adjustable Kettlebell

“How are kettlebells different from dumbbells?”

Dumbbells usually have evenly distributed weights, unlike kettlebells. The uneven distribution gets you to counterbalance and stabilize your body during exercises like Russian Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Goblet Squat, Kettlebell Lunge Press, increasing core strength, balance, and coordination.

Adjustable Kettlebell for Home Gym

“But do I have to buy multiple sets of kettlebells for these workouts?” in traditional form, yes. But that is where the PowerKettle comes in. 

Premium Adjustable Kettlebell for Home Workout

These dynamic kettlebells offer you freedom and flexibility in the form of 7 different weight settings ranging from 5lbs to 20lbs or 10lbs to 40lbs which can be changed with its slide lock mechanism in just a simple dial rotation, Making them the perfect home gym machine for your home!

Exercise with Kettlebell

Adjustable Plyo Box 

Jump boxes or Plyo Boxes are used for box jump training where you work on all of your leg muscles and core using your own body weight while helping you burn between 800 and 1,000 calories per hour! 

Jump Box Exercises

Yes generally they do not have any purpose beyond being something that you can jump on, until the Cube Plyo Box made its way! The Gorgeous multi-purpose plyo box apart from being your partner in box jumping, hides away all your workout gear in one place while blending with your interiors, making your home gym look clean yet opulent.

Plyo Box Exercises at Home

Want to use it as a stepper? With its adjustable height system, you can change it from 21” to 15” or the other way round in just 2.3 seconds! So you can Speed through the transition as you step up the transformation.

Strength Exercise with Adjustable Plyo Box

These equipment should give you the right start to build your perfect yet space efficient home gym. If you are looking to buy more home gym equipment online, check out our entire range on the cube club, India's most premium brand for home gym equipment!  

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