A Complete Guide to Buying an Adjustable Dumbbell Set for Home Gym

A Complete Guide to Buying an Adjustable Dumbbell Set for Home Gym

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Here’s Why Your Home Gym Needs Adjustable Dumbbells

It’s almost 2022 and most gyms have resumed, but you find yourself highly skeptical about going back. After all, we have gotten used to the comfort of our homes, saving our time and money, and of course the biggest factor, safety! No precautionary measure is safe enough and considering the sharing of equipment between members in gyms, makes it sound like risky business. 


Home gym is the new normal and now you have a lot of questions in your mind “Wouldn't it be too expensive to stock up on multiple equipment? What about storage space? How do you get the motivation?” but what if we told you we have a solution to all of these problems. That’s where the Cube Adjustable Powerbells come in and we will tell you why it is the perfect first home gym equipment you can get for yourself. 



Exercise with Adjustable Dumbbell at Home



It’s All in one

To begin with, all workouts are different and so is the range of weight for each. While you could easily pick a 20 lbs dumbbell for your bicep curls, a side lateral raise with the same set would be very difficult and you may find yourself looking for a lighter weight.

With the Cube Adjustable Powerbells you won’t need to buy multiple home dumbbell set as you can shift instantly between 15 to 17 different weights, with the easily adjustable dials giving you options ranging from 5 to 52.5 lbs or 10 to 90 lbs depending on what you want to take on today.


Gets you more bang for your bucks

At first glance weight adjustable dumbbells  may seem costly, but buying multiple traditional dumbbells can set you back a very high cost which only increases further with higher weights. Just 4 sets of dumbbells ranging from 2.5 to 10 lbs will cost you over Rs. 20,000  which is a lot of money yet barely any range. Whereas an adjustable dumbbell set offers you a much higher range at a lower price.

15 Weight Dumbbell | 1 PowerBell


Saves you an enormous amount of space 

Buying more than one set of dumbbells does not only get you to spend a larger amount of money but also takes up a lot of space at your home. 


The Cube’s adjustable dumbbell comes with a sturdy base holder that can hold all your weights at one place. So when you are working out you won’t find yourself scrambling to find the other sets and when you are done you can easily place them in their base holder and tuck them away. 


Adjustable Dumbbell Set for Home Gym

Motivates you to do more

As you start working out more frequently, you find yourself looking for heavier weights to reward yourself with that proud feeling of progress. After a certain point you may find it surprising how easily you outgrow the weights you found heavy a few days ago.


With so many weight options at your disposal, the Cube Powerbells make sure you never stop growing and are always up for bigger challenges. Motivating you to instantly shift to higher weight with the simple rotation of a dial any time you may feel it's not doing you enough. 

Multi Weight Adjustable Dumbbells


Designed to last long. Really long. 

With so many moving parts and such complex structure, comes the question “is it durable?”. The Cube Powerbell is skillfully crafted by high-precision machinery designed to last long making it the best dumbbell set for your home


Adjustable Dumbbell Design Details

How does it really work? 

  • The Cube Powerbells come with a sturdy base which holds all of the weights along with the bar. 
  • As you are ready to workout, you simply rotate the dial from anywhere between 5lbs to 52.5lbs or 10lbs to 90lbs depending on your preference. 
  • When you rotate the dials, it locks in a combination of plates that amount to your desired weights and you lift only the required plates, leaving back the remaining ones you do not need 
  • Slot it out and lift all the way to beast mode! 


Adjustable Dumbbell GIF


Visit The Cube Club for the best home workout equipment, tips and solutions. 

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