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Why The Cube Strength Kit Is Your Ideal Gym Equipment

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The new year always brings about new motivations, resolutions, and strategies to strengthen our mental, physical, and professional growth. Even though this may vary from individual to individual, the one thing that remains common with everyone, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic, is to stay committed to good health in the new year 2022. 

Living with the deadly coronavirus all through last year has taught us the importance of taking each day as it comes and being grateful for the little moments of happiness that we can gather with our near and dear ones. 

Amidst all this, one thing that everyone has become highly conscious about is how to remain healthy and fit. Caring about your wellness and health is not an option anymore. And the first step towards it is by making committed promises about a healthy regime which you would follow diligently in your day-to-day living. 

Do Workout at Home with All Strength Kit

Here are some healthy new year tips to maintain and follow committedly and dedicatedly.

  • Breakfast is the first meal of your day; skipping it should be a complete no-no
  • Stress more on nuts and less on sugar
  • Keep track of your progress by maintaining a journal
  • Stick to home-cooked food comprising more vegetables
  • Keep yourself focused on mindful eating 
  • Exercise everyday 


Healthy Food for to Build Healthy Immunity System

Remember, food and exercise go hand in hand if you want to remain healthy and strong and build upon your immunity system, which would prepare your body to fight against infections.

This brings us to our discussion on the next important thing, which is strength training for improving upon your endurance levels. 

What is Strength Training?

Strength training is often associated with lifting weights, but it is not restricted to this parameter alone. It refers to using one's resistance to enable muscular contraction for building on anaerobic endurance, strength, and the size of skeletal muscles. 

There are various ways in which one can practice strength exercises at home. But, one of the ideal home gym equipment to do strength training at home is a Cube Strength kit from Let us know about it in detail.


Home Workout with Adjustable Dumbbell

The Cube Strength Kit

Be it weight lifting equipment, leg strengthening exercises, or strength training for weight loss. The cube strength kit is a one-in-all home strength training equipment that would fulfill all your strength training needs. 

The cube strength training equipment, known as the Cube Strength Kit, comprises of the following:

  1. 15 power bells in one- These power bells, all-in-one, come in lightning-fast, adjustable mechanism. You can switch between 15 weights, ranging from 5 lbs to 52 lbs.  

    This is best for muscle building and burning fat. The top exercises that you can do with these include:

    • Powerbell farm walk
    • Powerbell swing
    • Powerbell clean and press
    Strength Exercise with Adjustable Dumbbell
  2. 1 pull-up bar- This strength exercises equipment kit has a pull-up bar with adjustable length that can fit easily on most doors, just perfect for standard doorways in homes and offices and even garages. 

    It is sufficient for you to get your hands on your daily quota of pullups right at your comfort zone, at home. Some of the top exercises you can carry out with the pull-up bar are:

    • wide-grip pull-ups
    • close-grip chin-ups
    • Hanging leg raises


    Strength Home Exercise with Pull up Bars
  3. 7-in-one power kettle- This home strength training equipment also contains a power kettle with weights ranging between 5 lbs to 20 lbs. 

    This helps you switch from one exercise to another uninterruptedly and is a perfect substitute for cardio and muscle build-up. The different weights let you advance slowly and steadily in your fitness goals. Some of the exercises you can do with these are:

    • kettlebell swing
    • kettlebell clean and press
    • kettlebell thrusters 
    Strength Exercise with Kettlebell

Final Take

Getting your hands on the best strength training workouts without having to hit a gym or a fitness center during the present pandemic is now just a click away. Order your Cube Strength Kit from your smart digital gadgets and get on with a dedicated training regime, right now, with the advent of the new year 2022. 

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