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Why Should You Use The Cube Suspension Trainer?

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Suspension training is a workout method that involves using your body weight and gravity as resistance to improve flexibility, coordination and build strength. So whether it is to lose fat or get fit or build strength, the cube suspension trainer will help you achieve any goal.

Five great reasons for you to fall in love with using the cube suspension trainer in your workouts are:

Exercise with Mobility Suspension Trainer

1. Mobility:

You can take your cube suspension trainer anywhere and therefore, you can work out anywhere! So whether you are at home or work or even on vacation, all you have to find is an anchor point to set it up. Whether it is to hang it over your door at home or that of a hotel or even a park, you can use it anywhere and make sure you do not miss your workout.

Stronger Core with Suspension Trainer

2. Stronger core:

It is safe to say that at some point all of us have dreamt of having ripped abs. Well, the cube suspension trainer will help you achieve just that. By using the cube suspension trainer, you are always working your core and working them obliques and therefore are moving closer to your dream of achieving a rock-solid core.

7 Foundational Movements with Suspension Trainer

3. You will never get bored:

By incorporating the cube suspension trainer in your exercise, you can come up with so many variations and progressions in the exercise that you will always have a fresh workout, and therefore exercising will never get boring! With other exercises, you will probably have to continuously increase weights. However, by using the cube suspension trainer, all you have to change is, your body position, this will automatically increase or decrease your workout intensity.

 Suspension Training Classes for Beginners

4. They are for everyone:

Cube suspension trainers can be used by everyone irrespective of your fitness level. With suspension training, there are various modifications for all exercises from beginners to advanced level users of the cube suspension trainers. So, it does not matter whether you are at the beginner level or at an advanced level, you can always find an exercise routine with the cube suspension trainers.

Suspension Trainer Group Workout

5. Lower risk of injury:

Research shows that there is less potential for injury in suspension training, as compared to free weight training as suspension training is easier on the joints. Also, because of its suspended nature, suspension training is a low impact workout allowing people of all fitness levels to comfortably train with less risk of agitating a pre-existing injury. Many of the exercises involve working on your flexibility and mobility while also building strength.

The Cube Suspension Trainer

Using cube suspension trainers in your workout can be super fun as you can add new twists to old exercises. The added benefit is that suspension training burns a lot of calories and also helps you gain muscles from your core to your glutes! It is an effective form of workout as it involves the entire body. So, what are you waiting for? Get hanging with the cube suspension trainer already!


The Cube Suspension Trainer


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