Get Six Packs with a Jump Rope Workout

How do you Get Six Packs with a Jump Rope Workout?

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Nowadays, everyone aims to maintain their bodies and develop 6-packs. There are several ways to gain six-packs, one of which is reducing belly fat from the body by carrying out the best exercises for six-pack

Jumping, running, and many other six-pack workout exercises help you get your abs faster. However, we all know that skipping becomes boring. Here are six ways to use a jumping rope in innovative ways and get that summer body in time.

Jump Ropes for Home Workouts

Jumping Rope Exercises to get six packs

Given below are some six-pack exercises that you can carry out with a skipping rope.

  • BASIC JUMP: Basic jump is one of the most fundamental skipping rope exercises. It is the most simple and commonly used exercise in a workout.
  • CRISS CROSS: Crisscross is one of the most essential exercises that will help you attain 6 packs. With each jump, you can cross and uncross the rope. Of course, you may fall by doing this, but it is fine. You will learn with more and more practice.
  • ALTERNATE MOVEMENTS: When you normally skip a rope, you keep your both feet on land at once. But putting your left foot and then your right foot with rotation makes it more efficient and creates variation.
  • DOUBLE JUMPS: So, this is a bit tricky. You have to skip a rope in such a way that you can take two jumps, but you will land only once. For this, the speed of your skipping should be fast.
  • HIGH KNEES: This six-pack abs workout for men at home involves bringing your feet close to your chest while skipping. For this, you have to add more pressure on your jump.
  • ONE FOOT JUMPS: This exercise involves jumping on one foot while skipping, as we all did in our childhood days.
  • TWO BY TWO: This is an exercise that includes jumping twice on one foot, first on the left leg and then on the right leg.
  • JUMP ROPE SIDE SWING: The side swing is a simple exercise done with heavy ropes in upper body workouts.
  • BACKWARD SKIPPING: The greatest and most fun thing about this skipping rope workout is backward jumping. This exercise will also help to maintain the body.

Doing this six-pack exercise at home, for 30 minutes, a day will help you achieve your goal of getting 6 packs. These variations will also help you reduce belly fat and maintain your body. These skipping rope exercises are fun yet challenging and will keep you engaged in your daily fitness boosting activities.

Skipping Ropes Exercise at Home Gym



These were our top six-pack abs workout exercises for men. If you need a jump rope to put these into practice, we have got you covered. The Cube Club offers the best premium home gym equipment online at the best prices. Here you can find a variety of home gym equipment like adjustable dumbbells, foldable bench, skipping rope, resistance band, pull-up bar, foam roller, jumps ropes, and more. 

So start your journey of exercise for six-pack abs at home today!

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