5 Simple Yet Effective Exercises To Lose Belly Fat at Home

5 Simple Yet Effective Exercises To Lose Belly Fat at Home

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When it comes to exercises to reduce belly fat, we can’t expect to burn those calories with just one single exercise everyday. Health experts and multiple research journals have all agreed that creating a routine of various fun and effective exercises helps achieve better results. It is essential to keep in mind that maintaining a diet accounts for 70% of fat burn while workouts constitute the rest of the 30% and striking a balance between them is the real challenge. 
To make it easier for you, we have curated a sure-shot workout routine that won’t require you spending a fortune on home gym equipment and yet give you mind-blowing results.

How do you start?

First things first, stretch! Stretch your arms and legs, touch your toes, do some jumping jacks. Get warmed up. 

Stretch Exercise at Home

Next, start with the following:

1. Skipping

It might come as a surprise but skipping isn’t only effective in burning fat. It also tightens the core, builds stamina, tones the calves, and improves lung capacity. A super workout, indeed, and the best bet when it comes to exercises for belly fat.

How do you get started?

If you are new to skipping, don’t worry, it won’t take long to get good at it. To help get a good idea, we have added a GIF below. Start by mimicking her jumps without the skipping rope. Once you get it right, grab a skipping rope! You can check our Velocity Jump Rope to get yourself one. Now go a few rounds with the rope and within no time, you will be a pro. 

Jump Rope for Home Exercise


Target : 100 skips per set but If you get tired, do at least 60.
Total sets: 5
Total Calories Burnt: 75-100 in 5 Sets

2. Mountain Climbers

A mix of cardio and muscle training, the mountain climber workout is one you’ll enjoy! It is one of the best exercises to reduce belly fat and added bonus? It even works on your deltoids, biceps, triceps, obliques, quads, hamstrings and hip abductors. All of this without a single piece of equipment. Now isn’t that motivating enough to start?


It’s super simple! Get in the high plank position, either on the floor or a yoga mat for better grip. Bring your right knee towards your chest, while the left stays as is. Then the other knee. Now blaze with all the pace you’ve got! 

Mountain Climbers Exercise at Home

Too simple? For the advance ones out there, challenge yourselves with a pair of gliding discs under your feet. 

Exercise with Gliding Discs

Target : 80 (40 - each leg) per set. If you get tired, do at least 50.
Total sets: 5
Total Calories Burnt: 40 - 80 calories in 5 Sets

3. Burpees 

Even the professionals fear the burpees but it is so powerful that no one can avoid them. It’s a full body workout used in strength training, but is also one of the most effective exercises to lose belly fat. What else? It also works on multiple parts of your body including your chest, shoulders, lats, triceps and of course, your core. 


Stand -> Squat -> Plank -> Push Up -> Squat -> Jump up -> Stand 

Confused? That’s burpees! Have a look at the gif to get a better understanding and get onto it right away, before you know you’d be nailing it.

Burpees Exercise at Home

 Like to live life on the edge? Try the burpees with a pair of Cube Cuffs for the extra resistance. One of the best home gym equipment out there.


Wrist and Ankle Weights


Target : 15 Burpees per set. Try to hit at least 10 for the best results
Total sets: 3 Sets/Workout
Total Calories Burnt: 50 - 100 calories in 3 Sets

 4. Flutter Kicks

Ever dreamt of a body as chiselled as that of professional swimmers? Well flutter kicks is the one for you then. It’s a workout swimmers swear by, as it works the lower abdominal muscles, reshaping and toning your lower body. 


Lie down on your back, place your hands below your waist and lift both the legs above the ground a little and start lifting alternate legs higher up in the air. Take a look at the GIF below to get it right. 

Flutter Kicks Exercise at Home


Target :  80 per set (40 per leg), try to get to minimum 50. 
Total sets: 5
Total Calories Burnt: 30-50 in 3 Sets 

5. Crunches 

Who does not want those 6 packs abs? Well this is where you start. Crunches are heavily focused on your abs and toning the midsection by strengthening the core making way for those abs. There are no one type of crunches, the idea is to engage your abdominal core, you can do that in several ways.

How to? 

One way to perform crunches is to lie down flat on a sturdy yoga mat with knees bent and feet on the ground. With your hands behind your head, lift your upper torso off the floor. 

Target : 30 per set. Minimum 20.
Total sets: 5 Sets/Workout
Total Calories Burnt: 30-50 in 3 Sets 

Crunches Exercise at Home

So, These are some of the best exercises for belly fat at home. For the best results, mix and match! Do full rounds with 1 set of each workout and finish a total of at least 3 - 5  rounds in under 45 minutes. An effective 45 minutes session would burn approximately 350 - 450 calories.

As you start, promise yourself not to give up. Stretch well and do not skip tomorrow. Check out our space everyday for more action packed workout sessions!

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