Squats with Resistance Band at Home

Busy Lifestyle? Here are the Best Home Workouts for You

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We all get the same 24 hours every day to get things done, and each person utilizes it differently. Not everyone gets time to spare one hour for the gym every day. But does that mean they cannot start their fitness journey? That’s a myth now because if you have the will to stay fit, you can work on that even while staying busy. 

If you are a busy bee, it’s smarter to go for sessions that cover all the fundamentals and build functional strength. Here’s a set of highly effective home workouts that even people with a super busy schedule can do. All the exercises in this session will take 45 seconds each, and it’ll be over before you know. And the best part is that you won’t need a gym membership for this. Just get a few home gym machines (more details in the below-written sections), and you are good to go. Complete five rounds of this six-exercise sequence for 30 minutes each day for an effective full-body workout at home.

Squat with Isometric Hold

To start the effective workout session, perform a squat by placing your feet shoulder-width apart and holding that position for three seconds before returning to the starting position. Once you start improving, take things to the next level by performing this with adjustable dumbbells. Squats are a great way to start cardio exercises at home as it strengthens your lower body muscles and core. Do this exercise for 45 seconds before moving on to the next one. This is one of the best home workouts for men and women.

Squats Exercise at Home


Walking Plank

Once you are done squat, take 15 seconds rest before performing a walking plank. For this exercise, get yourself in the forearm plank position and push up onto your hands one arm at the moment. Once you are done, go back to the starting position. This exercise, too, needs to be done for 45 seconds straight.

Walking Plank at Home


Glute Bridge

Once you are done resting for 15 seconds after walking the plank, it’s time to get started with glute bridges. Start by lying on your back with your feet close to your glutes. Next, press your heels into the floor and lift your hips until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to knees. Keep that position for about 5 seconds before returning to the starting position. You can use a stepper bench to perform raised glute bridges for better results. A home gym machine can make your task easy.

Glute Bridge at Home


To perform this, place your hands a bit wider than shoulder-width apart in a high plank position and bend at your elbows, lowering your body to the floor slowly. Hold that position for 4-5 seconds and slowly push yourself up to return to the starting position. Do this 10 times.

Press-up Exercise at Home

Reverse Lunge

Start by stepping backward with your left leg and lower your body by bending both knees until your left knee is just above the floor. Then, push back up to go back to the starting position and repeat the same on the alternate side. Do this for 45 seconds straight, and make sure to alternate sides with each rep.

Reverse Lunge Exercise at Home



Finish off this workout session by performing pull-ups. For this, you will need a pull-up bar. Hold the pull-up bar in an overhand grip and face your palms forward. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart to get the position right. Once the position is proper, pull yourself up while maintaining a tight back throughout and bring your chin close to the bar. Next, move slowly to the starting position and repeat the same steps.

Pull-up Exercise at Home


As you can see, you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to perform these bodyweight exercises. Just invest in the primary home gym equipment like stepper bench, pull-up bar, adjustable dumbbells, etc., and you are all set for practical strength training at home. Perform these workout sessions at least three to four times a week for best results. 


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