6 Beginner Level Home Exercises with Pull up Bars

6 Beginner Level Home Exercises with Pull up Bars

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A pull up bar is a versatile piece of home workout equipment that offers multiple benefits. It is easy to install and sturdy enough to take heavy loads. Whether gym or home, pull up bars occupy the center stage in all workout arenas.

Generally, pull up bars are used to scale up the back strength. It is also used to train the core muscles in the upper body. So, if you have plans to set up a home gym, a wall-mounted or door pull up bar is a must.

Incidentally, some special pull-ups, such as weighted pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, and one-arm pull-ups, are a vital part of U.S Navy SEAL, FBI, U.S. Marine, and U.S Marine Corps fitness tests.

If you have never used a pull-up bar before, this article enlists the top-6 exercises you can start soon after installing a classy pull-up bar for home.  

6 Pull up Bar Exercises for Beginners at Home

Pull up bar exercises can work wonders for your physique and body’s functional strength. These exercises can strengthen key muscles like the biceps, forearms, triceps, wrists, lats, shoulders, grip, and the human body’s core. And, pull-ups let you sweat faster than many other exercises.

The following are the top-6 pull-up bar exercises for beginners at the home gym: 


Chin-up is the basic exercise for anyone purchasing the best pull up bar for home gym. Chin-ups tone up your back and biceps and foster a full-body workout.

Here is how you can practice the chin-up exercise:

  • Hold the pull up bar tightly and stand in a hung-up position while keeping the elbows straight. Remember, your palm must face you. 
  • Make your body tight while keeping the chest up and shoulders back. 
  • Start pulling up your body towards the bar. Your target must be to hit the bar with your chest. 
  • Once you feel confident with the basic exercise, you may add negatives or flex hangs into your workout routine. 

adjustable pull up bar

L-Sit Pull-Ups

This exercise gels well with both wall-mounted and door pull up bars. Although it is a simple floor exercise, its primary aim is to improve your body’s core strength.

Here is how you can practice L-Sit Pull-Ups: 

  • Tightly grasp the pull up bar.
  • Keep your legs parallel to the floor and raise both legs.
  • Refrain from putting the legs down. If required, you may also raise them higher. 
  • Be in this position for as much time as you can before repeating.

Chin up bar

Knees to Elbows

This home pull-up bar exercise is a must if you want to lose weight. Here is how you can practice the Knees to Elbow exercise: 

  • Keep your shoulders away from your arms.
  • Let your palms face you away
  • Hold the home pull up bar tightly and push (read, sway) the legs back. 
  • Pull your knees up so that they touch your elbows and chest.
  • Push your knees down and raise them again. 

Burpee Pull-Ups

Burpee pull-ups work wonders for boosting the heart rate and improving muscle strength. Here is how you can practice the Knees to Elbow exercise:

  • Face the pull-up bar for home and go in a squat position.
  • Kick your feet back and lower your body. 
  • Do a bow-up or push-up.
  • Revert to the squat position and do a pull-up by jumping into the air. 

Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown is an excellent exercise for toning up your back. Here is how you can practice the Lat Pulldown exercise:

  • Tie a band, such as a resistance band, on both ends of the pull-up bar.  
  • Sit on an adjustable bench or the floor and hold the band tightly. 
  • Push your chest up while trying to pull the bar down. Remember to squeeze your shoulders while doing this. 

Hang Tough

This is the simplest of all exercises with pull up bars for the home gym. It targets on your forearms and wrists. Through adequate practice, you can equip your smaller muscles to get ready for big things. 

The process of the Hang Tough exercise is simple: you need to hold the pull-up bar tightly and hang from it for 2-3 minutes in one go and repeat.   

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