The Top Ankle Weights Exercises for Leg and Core Workout

The Top Ankle Weights Exercises for Leg and Core Workout

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Ankle weights are an integral part of gym workout routines for men and women. Wrist and ankle weights are a vital part of yoga, Pilates, aerobics, leg, strength, and core training. 

Wrist and ankle weights look like mini sandbags. You can tie them on your wrist or ankle with a Velcro strap and adjust them to distribute the weight evenly. The typical weight of adjustable ankle weights ranges between one and three pounds or 0.5 and 1.5 kg. 

You can buy ankle weights online and wear them while jogging, running, walking or during a workout. However, exercise caution while using ankle weights since incorrect use can cause joint injury.

If used correctly, this simple workout equipment can strengthen your legs, calves, glutes, and quadriceps, stabilize your walking dynamics, minimize cardiovascular disease risks, and reduce body fat. Ankle weights can also align your body during certain movements. 

This article enlists the top exercises with adjustable ankle weights for men and women. Read on to know more. 

3 Easy Exercises with Ankle Weights for Men and Women

High Skips

This is one of the simplest cardio exercises with ankle weights. It can focus on your core and foster strength building. The transformation begins with the lower abs before moving on to the entire leg.

Here is the best way to perform the high skips exercise: 

  • Move your legs hip-width and stand straight
  • Stand on one leg and use your lower abs to push the opposite knee to your chest 
  • Swing your arms
  • Switch legs

Knee Hip Opener

The Knee Hip Opener exercise amps up your outer thighs, glutes, abdominals, pelvic floor, lats, and oblique’s. Moreover, this exercise charges up the core and hip opening. Also, the spine twist releases tension.

Here is the best way to perform the knee hip opener exercise:   

  • Get yourself in the goal post position by placing your elbows and hands on the floor. Remember to place your shoulder above the elbow and knee below the hip. 
  • Bend your knee and start rotating your hip toward the ceiling while lifting your leg. Remember to keep your spine neutral; do not arch or tuck. 
  • Keep your upper body square and twist your hips on the left side. 
  • Pull your left knee towards the chest while keeping your body weight intact.
  • Repeat as many times as you can before switching the sides. 

Knee to Elbow

The Knee to Elbow exercise is much like High Skips. However, the focus of this exercise with ankle weights is on the obliques.

Here is the best way to perform the knee to elbow exercise: 

  • Keep your legs in hip-width
  • Put all your weight on the left leg before lifting your left arm above the head
  • Push your right knee on the left side. Also, lower the elbow and try touching the knee. 
  • Switch legs and repeat the exercise. 

wrist and ankle weights

The Future of Wrist and Ankle Weights is Here

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