Everything You Need to Know the Cube Club Jump Rope

Everything You Need to Know the Cube Club Jump Rope

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Tired of running for countless minutes on the treadmill and not seeing any results? A Jump rope can save an ample amount of your time and accelerate your stamina, and the best part is that you can carry it anywhere with you since it is lightweight and highly portable.

The Cube Club’s adjustable and high-speed jump rope comes with extensive features that take your regular jump rope workout to another level. Some of them are: 

  • It is specifically designed for high-speed jumping with double call bearings that give you the ultimate skipping experience by increasing the force with which you use the rope. 
  • It is a highly adjustable skipping rope that suits every individual by the length of their arms and legs. Once you have adjusted the height, you can self-lock it in that position. 
  • Bend and tangle-free skipping ropes that are coated with sweat-resistant aluminium alloy handles. These are sturdy ropes that never break.
  • On placing the Cube Club jump rope order, you will receive a free storage bag and two sturdy cables for your jump rope. 

Here are some skipping rope benefits that will compel you to harness the Clube Club skipping rope as a part of your workout: 

Velocity Jump Rope

Burns Excess Calories

A thorough skipping rope workout burns over 300 calories in just 15 minutes. This is much more than running, rowing, or swimming for over 30 minutes and still not burning that many calories. 

A jumping rope is the most effective steady-state cardio source as it aims at working all parts of your body together. To some beginners, this will challenge your cardiovascular rate, but with time it will get easier. 

Accelerate Bone Density

Regular ‘impact training’ through jump roping for 10 minutes ensures that you steer clear of osteoporosis (depleting bone density). The Cube Clubs’ jumping rope offers extra velocity and pushes so your bones grow sturdy over the many workouts.

Women have a continued fear of countering osteoporosis once they hit their thirties, and it has been recorded that girl who jump roped from a young age regularly did not face such circumstances. 

Improves Cardiovascular Health

VO2 Max is the driving force behind improving cardiovascular health in individuals. Jump ropes for weight loss, such as The Cube Club's high-velocity rope, helps maximize VO2 Max, drastically improving your heart rate and preventing future heart diseases. 

Studies have also shown that skipping rope for weight loss helps teens with prehypertension and high blood pressure. 

Improves Coordination

Jump roping requires the use of all your limbs at once, and in a few days of regular jump roping, your coordination will get better. 

If you suffer from a coordination disorder in your body, you should buy a skipping rope online and incorporate it into your regular exercise routine.  

A 2017 study showed that autistic children improved their coordination after using the jump rope after using it regularly for a while.

Jump Rope Workout Routine

This is a 15-minute jump rope workout that you can use as a fasted cardio workout in the morning, a warm-up routine, in-between sets on a HIIT day, or a cardio blast after an upper-body lift day.

Try to get this workout in at least 3-to 4 times a week to maintain the practice and improve your jump rope skills with the Cube Club Adjustment and High-Speed Jump Rope. 

Circuit 1
  1. Basic Jump Rope 60 seconds 
  2. Mountain Climbers 60 seconds 
  3. Jumping Jacks 60 seconds 
  4. Basic Squats 60 seconds 
  5. Plank Hold 60 Seconds 

5-minute rest

Circuit 2

  1. Basic Jump Rope 60 seconds 
  2. Push-Ups 30 seconds 
  3. Triceps bench dips 30 seconds
  4. High Knees 60 seconds 
  5. Side-to-Side Lunge 60 seconds 
  6. Back Kick 60 seconds 

5-minute rest

Circuit 3

  1. Floor V-Crunch 60 seconds 
  2. Starfish Crunch 60 seconds 
  3. Burpees 60 seconds 
  4. Basic Lunges (Alternating Legs Continuously) 60 seconds 
  5. Basic Jump Rope 60 seconds 

5-minute rest

Bottom Line

The best skipping rope should be a speed rope with adjustable handles that any individual can adjust according to their height or width. All these features are incorporated in the Cube Club Adjustable and High-Speed Jump Rope, so you achieve perfection with every skip. 

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