bringing fitness
to every doorstep!

our mission

Empowering you to conveniently achieve your fitness goals so you have time for life’s other meaningful pursuits.

our vision

To make fitness accessible and achievable by leading the home-workout revolution in India

our story


We believe that every good product exists to fix something broken, to solve a problem or to bridge a gap. For us, that problem was - “staying fit!”

The Cube Club started with two of us - Pratik Agarwal and Prateek Bhagchandka. Yes, we have the same name and yes, they’re spelt differently, but we still found a way to be friends. We’re also neighbours and often found ourselves being fit in time for wedding season and New Year’s Eve. But we were never able to stick to it consistently. 



The pandemic caught all of us by surprise. However, after we got over the initial shock of it all, we realised that no more traffic jams and commuting to office meant we were masters of our own time and that the real problem was always convenience. 

We saw the pandemic as an opportunity to redefine traditional mindsets. With the world adopting work from home, our silver lining was convenience - the freedom of time and space. 

Now that we had this flexibility, we also had no more excuses. And so began our home workout journey. 

At first, we relied on body-weight exercises and mediocre equipment. But we soon realised  the problem was a lack of high-quality gear that was designed keeping a small home in mind.

Equipment that was space-efficient and looked as good as it made us feel.

And that’s how The Cube Club was born. 

To empower you to achieve your fitness goals by making workouts accessible and achievable. All from the comfort of your home. 

Each of our products are tried, tested and loved by us. Which is why, we just had to share them with you. 

We can now work out from home as and when we like, without any time constraints or excuses. And this makes achieving the long standing dream of having a sustainable fitness routine a reality!   

So, here’s to a new phase of fitness.